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Congregation Beth El
Core Classes

The following classes make up the core curriculum for Congregation Beth El students. All core classes will be grade based and taught by Beth El educators. For questions on the Beth El core curriculum, please contact Rabbi Marshall

7th Grade

Kulam: Our Jewish Identity

Jeremy Cohen & Stacy Heyman

Kulam (meaning “Everyone,”) is a curriculum that uses dialogue prompts, games, Jewish texts, and other activities that encourages the students to ask big questions about where, why and how they belong while exploring issues of identity, equity, and justice with Jewish wisdom as a guide. 

8th Grade

Shoah (Holocaust): History of the Holocaust

Jason Landau

This class will focus on day to day life of victims living within Nazi occupied Europe. This course specifically studies the tragic change in the lives of Jewish citizens while also attempting to understand how such a tragic event could have taken place in history by analyzing Nazi propaganda and dehumanization of the Jewish people.

9th Grade

American Jewish History (First Semester)

Jacob Boyd

Class Description Coming Soon!

Heroes of Israel (Second Semester)

Mira Aumiller

Class Description Coming Soon!

10th Grade

Tough Questions Jews Ask

Rabbi Marshall

In this class we will tackle those tough questions you have always wanted to ask: Why Does God Let Bad Things Happen? What's the Meaning of Life? Why Does Religious Need So Many Rules? Sometimes we will find the answers, sometimes we won't, but we will work together to make sense of the Jewish tradition by wrestling with what we may not understand.

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