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Temple Beth Sholom
Core Classes

The following classes make up the core curriculum for Temple Beth Sholom students. All core classes will be grade based and taught by TBS educators. For questions on the TBS core curriculum, please contact Rabbi Wexler

7th Grade

Humash: Making the Torah Text Come Alive

Alex Weinberg

This class is intended to provide students in their b’nai mitzvah year with a deep dive into the stories and morals of the Torah. We will review the major stories and events in the Humash and explore the various ways they have been interpreted over the centuries.

8th Grade

Jewish Ethics in the 21st Century

Hannah Gold & Alex Lapushner

This class will dive into the world of Jewish ethics related to a variety of topics and case studies on issues such as cyberbullying, ethical usage of social media , honesty and more. Students will learn what insight that classical Jewish texts give us about these issues and will be challenged to evaluate their own perspective and connections to the case studies. 

9th Grade

Kulam: Developing our Jewish Identity & Values

Jessica Weinberg

Kulam (meaning “Everyone,”) is a curriculum uses dialogue prompts, games, Jewish texts, and other activities that encourages the students to ask big questions about where, why and how they belong while exploring issues of identity, equity, and justice with Jewish wisdom as a guide.  

10th Grade

Confirmation: God, Israel & our Community

Rabbi Wexler

Our Confirmation class focuses on three main topics: theology, Israel, and Jewish belief and practice through the lens of Conservative Judaism.  In this class, students will discuss topics of theology and theodicy while developing their own personal beliefs about God.  Students will develop a stronger connection with Israel through our two-week Confirmation trip and exploring their connection in class to Israel’s land, history, people, and culture.  Finally students will work on defining their personal Jewish identities by learning about the tenants and beliefs of Conservative Judaism. 

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