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Kesher Classes

All Kesher teens will have three courses per session. Our Kesher curriculum includes one core based class along with two elective class periods.

Core Classes

Core classes are synaoguge based. Click your respective synagogue to learn more about the class offerings. Core classes take place from 6:30-7:10PM weekly. 

Elective Options
Second Semester (Classes Begin February 14, 2023)

All teens will be placed in two elective classes. Elective classes run from 7:35-8:00PM and 8:05-8:30PM weekly.

Jewish Feminism
Alex Lapushner

From the book of Ruth to the Notorious RBG, Judaism has a rich tradition of strong female figures. With this class we will discuss the feminist outlooks and conventions within some very famous Jewish female centered stories, as well as discussing gender outlook on Judaism as a whole.

Jews in Modern Culture
Ellen Fine

Did you know Stan Lee created characters like Spider-Man/X-Men and the Incredible Hulk? Or did you know that Steven Spielberg once lived in South Jersey? In this class titled Jews in Modern Culture we will be learning about famous Jewish people and their accomplishments. 

Talmud for Dummies
Gilah Lewis Sietz

Join us as we dive into the amazing minds of that Rabbis of the Talmud. We'll learn about a few fascinating situations that they had to deal with and discuss how we would do things today in our modern world. Do we agree? Disagree with what was decided and why?

Kesher Art Studio
John Imhof

This elective course will be for Kesher students who are seriously interested in learning about Jewish Artists/History. Students will complete a series of projects using different mediums related to the theme of each unit. This class requires regular attendance and will utilize both elective class periods.

Israel Chugim
Lia Backfien with Rabbi Wexler & Rabbi Marshall

In Israel Chugim you’ll learn about Israel through the eyes of an Israeli. We’ll learn how to cook Israeli meals, learn about Israeli music, have important discussions about all things related to Israel, do fun activities, games and more! 

Let's Think About That: Understanding Our Faith
Jason Landau

In this course, we will discuss the uniqueness of Judaism. We'll dive deeper into understanding our faith and the role that Judaism plays into our every day lives.

The Interview
Haleh Rabizadeh Resnick

What do others think? Each week you get to get on a call and interview our community about what they think. Then we come together and discuss. (Questions are designed to prime students to think about these issues for themselves and to talk about the importance of Jewish continuity and the role they play in it)

Judaism & Social Media Go On a Date
Rabbi Wexler

Explore the role that social media plays in our lives and how it intersects and diverges from our Jewish values. How can we express our Judaism through social media? In this class we will create tweets, Tik Toks, and more!

Kesher Game Night!
Hanna Gold

Get ready for fun and games as you test your Jewish knowledge. Each week, we'll play games from the Jewish games book. Trivia questions about various holidays. Torah trivia where we learn the little known facts about common stories. Join us for the fun!

Crafting from the Land of Israel
Stacy Heyman

Love to craft? Interested to make the connection between art and your Judaism? Each week, we'll craft our own piece of art and understand its meaning and significance in Judaism. From jewelry to a chamsa, get ready to put your crafting skills to test all while learning something new!

Kesher Book Club
Rabbi Marshall

If you like to read and if you enjoy making a difference in the world, then this the elective for you! We will read together the book The First Thirty by Greg Forbes Siegman, story of a young professional's efforts to make a difference in the world outside his window. At the end of the elective we will meet author Greg Forbes Siegman on Zoom and have the opportunity to hear his story and ask him questions.

Kesher Classes
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