Kesher Classes

All Kesher teens will have three courses per session. Our Kesher curriculum includes one core based class along with two elective class periods.

Core Classes

Core classes are synaoguge based. Click your respective synagogue to learn more about the class offerings. Core classes take place from 6:30-7:10PM weekly. 

Elective Options
First Semester (Beginning October 25)

All teens will be placed in two elective classes. Elective classes run from 7:35-8:00PM and 8:05-8:30PM weekly.

In Hot Water: Halacha v. American Law
Alex Pooner

You've heard it before on TV: "You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law"- but,  is this true in Halacha, Jewish Law? What are the elements for trespass, burglary, and battery, and do they differ from Jewish Law? What about punishments?  Explore the complicated paths of American and Jewish Law, and how we may find our Jewish values at odds with the values of the American society in which we live. 

Hot Topics
Ellen Fine

Ever wonder what Judaism has to say about important topics of today? Does Judaism have relevant input on issues like drug use, abortion, the environment and the like? It does and this class will explore the Jewish take on one or two of these important issues throughout the semester.

Talmud for Dummies
Gilah Lewis Sietz

Join us as we dive into the amazing minds of that Rabbis of the Talmud. We'll learn about a few fascinating situations that they had to deal with and discuss how we would do things today in our modern world. Do we agree? Disagree with what was decided and why?

Talmud Food Tour
John Imhof

Can you smell what’s cookin’? Food is not only an important source of physical nourishment but spiritually as well. It plays a vital role in bringing families and communities together to connect and build relationships. In this class we will take a brief look at what the Talmud has to say about food, how can food be a way that we practice gratefulness? What rights do farmers and field workers have? How can we take wisdom from the text and apply it to the way we approach food in this day in age?

Israel Chugim
Lia Backfien

In Israel Chugim you’ll learn about Israel through the eyes of an Israeli. We’ll learn how to cook Israeli meals, learn about Israeli music, have important discussions about all things related to Israel, do fun activities, games and more! 

Jews in Music
Jason Landau

Jews in Music, this course will explore the history of 20th century music from jazz to rock to hip-hop and specifically how Jewish artists have played a crucial role in helping to shape these genres. In this course we will discuss artists like Jean Simmons, Amy Winehouse, Paul Simon the Beastie Boys, Drake and many more Jewish artists how have shaped modern music.

Journalism 101
Haleh Rabizadeh Resnick

We want to know what you're thinking! Become a contributing writer to our local publications. Every class you'll have a chance to write a piece for our Kesher weekly newsletter or submit your writing to the Voice or other area Jewish organizations for possible publication! We will talk about the power of words and what each of us has to uniquely contribute to our world. Take this class and use it on your college resume as well, since in addition to our class, you will become an actual contributing writer!

It's a Mitzvah: Holiday Style
Rabbi Wexler

This class will take us on a journey through the Jewish year as we learn about the holidays and focus on the mitzvot and rituals associated with each holiday.

Chicken Soup for the Jewish Soul
Hanna Gold

This elective covers topics like Jewish agricultural laws, gardening, horticulture for holidays, food preservation and Kashrut, how to cultivate and propagate plants and flowers. We will learn about ancient plants mentioned in the Torah and what they symbolize. Also, discussions about major figures in the Torah who participated in agriculture. There will be a tree planting ceremony for the future generations to pick from in recognition of l'dor vador.

Israeli Street Art
Stacy Heyman

Israeli street art has a voice of its own. It is related to graffiti art in that it’s created in a public location and uses a wide range of media. Some pieces in Israel have been up for decades because the government has found them important. Others just a few hours. Poems and images from artists flood the cities walls and alleyways in Israel creating open air art galleries. Street art in Israel is a major tourist attraction. We will learn about some Israeli Street artists such as the following: Murielle Cohen, Adi Sened,know hope, DEDE, señor G.I., UNTAY, DIOZ, and WONKYMONKY. Our last two classes of the semester you will paint on canvas your own interpretation of street art.

Let's Debate
Rabbi Marshall

There is an old saying if you have two Jews, you have at least three opinions. In Judaism, disagreement isn’t bad. It’s an opportunity. Learning to debate and argue your opinion effectively is also an incredible and important skill for everyday life. In this class we will study some of the most interesting disagreements in Judaism. If you love to argue, then this is the class for you.