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Kesher Update for October 10 & Statement on Israel

Kesher Families-

In a weekend that was intended for celebration & joy, we instead spent the last few days learning about the horrors and tragedy unfolding against the people of Israel. We have heard countless stories of Israeli citizens who were simply going about their every day lives experience something completely unimaginable. We have checked in with our family and friends only to hear the heartbreaking impact that Israelis are now facing day and night. Now more than ever, we must come together, unified in our support of Israel to ensure the safety and security of a Jewish state where Israelis can live in true peace.

Throughout our Kesher year, we spend countless hours dedicated to Israel education and learning the complexity of our Jewish homeland. We as a Kesher community are dedicated to supporting Israel in every way we can. Tomorrow, October 10 at 7pm, the entire South Jersey community will be coming together in support of our friends, families, colleagues and neighbors in Israel. As this community gathering is taking place during our Kesher time, in place of traditional classes, we instead invite all of our Kesher students and their families to join the Community Gathering taking place at 7pm at TBS. At this critical time of Israeli history, we must show our solidarity in support of Israel and we hope to see all of our teens tomorrow night.

It is difficult for all of us to process the events unfolding overseas. We are all struck with a wide array of overwhelming emotion from sadness to grief to anger and everything in between. Please know our entire Kesher team including Rabbi Wexler, Rabbi Marshall, Jared, John, Brooke and entire Kesher faculty are here to support our Kesher teens in any way we can. Please do not hesitate to reach out to any of us in these unprecedented times.

We will continue to spend time over this school year processing the events taking place and will always prioritize Israel education as part of our Kesher curriculum.

Adonai Oz L'Amo Yiten; Adonai Yivarekh Et Amo Ba-Shalom. May God grant strength to all God's people; May God bless God's people with peace.

Jared Kaufman

Rabbi Wexler

Rabbi Marshall

Brooke Miron

John Imhof

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